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Tunisia’s Unpredictable Elections

Tunisia's unpredictable elections

Humanosity says…Tunisia is where the Arab Spring started and its impact across the Middle East has been huge. Whilst the copycat uprisings in countries like Syria and Egypt have led to war and the return of dictatorship, Tunisia has largely avoided this fate. As the country goes to the polls this article provides an analysis of what’s at stake in these unpredictable elections….

It is hard to predict the outcome of Tunisia’s presidential election, whose first round takes place on 15 September. From one perspective, this is a good thing – an encouraging sign of how much Tunisia’s democratic transition has succeeded. After all, a genuinely open election remains a rarity in the Arab world. But the unpredictable nature of the presidential contest also testifies to a more troubling aspect of Tunisia’s current situation: the political landscape is fragmented and the Tunisian public appears to be alienated from the major political parties, if not from the political class as a whole.…..

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