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Science Denial is Coming to Australian Politics

The Dark Age of Science Denial

Humanosity says…In the age of populism science, reason and fact have never been under so much pressure. Considering the enormous contribution science has made to our lives it’s hard to fathom why politicians continue to deny the undeniable. Whilst we are familiar with the US, there’s a similar battle raging in Australia where science denial is becoming mainstream politics…..

The Australian Independent Media Network has written an excellent piece on how the denial of scientific realities has taken hold in Australian politics.

Centuries from now, future historians will be able to assign a date to the start of the Australian Dark Age: it began in July of 2019. That was the date the nation turned its back on the enlightenment of reason, evidence, science and rationality and forged into a befogged future of political fantasies and wild, unfounded beliefs.

The place the blame squarely at the door of the Liberal Nationalist Party for whom they say

Climate denial had been roiling in the colon of the Liberal-National Parties for over a decade, before finally rising up its gut to digest Turnbull, the last, pallid, defender of scientific truth. Symbiotic with this contagion was a near-hysterical hatred of anyone who wanted to preserve the Australian landscape, its natural beauty and wildlife – those dreaded ‘greens’ (regardless of whether they were green or just people who happened to love or understand their country). Gradually the LNP’s sights began to zero in on those they believed most to blame: the scientists. Those producers of the inconvenient truths which so often contradict, confound and appear to mock the ideological fantasies of the right.

According to the article, the success of Trump with his climate denial and anti-science stance has emboldened LNP politicians to adopt the same approach.

Click here to read the full article at theaimn.com

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