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The Machine That Uses Algae to Eat Carbon Dioxide

The Machine That Uses Algae to Eat Carbon Dioxide

Humanosity says if we want to mitigate the effects of climate change, governments will have to change policies and individuals will have to change their behaviour. However, science will have to come to the party and find ways of removing CO2 from the atmosphere. This article looks at a technology that uses algae to do just that.

The problems of global warming are well-documented and focus mainly on carbon dioxide. A new company, Hypergiant Industries of Texas, has unveiled a prototype of what it calls an Eos Bioreactor, a box that uses A.I. to capture and sequester carbon from the atmosphere using algae.

When it comes to lowering carbon dioxide, Hypergiant sees space somewhere in between reducing consumption and planting trees. “It felt like there had to be more options” than those two, says Kristina Libby, Vice President of Future Science and Research at Hypergiant.

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