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Scientists Create Tooth Enamel. Discovery Could Mean No More Fillings

Humanosity says…It’s long been the holy grail of dental researchers who were looking for ways to save millions of us from a painful trip to the dentist. If the scientists can get this to work in real people and not just the lab, then a future of no more fillings awaits us all.

According to Oral Health Foundation, based in the UK, more than one in four (27%) only visit their dentist when they have a problem and around one in seven (14%) are frightened to visit the dentist. This can often lead to tooth decay going undiagnosed

Statistics published by Public Health England in 2018 found that in England every 10 minutes a child has a decayed or rotten tooth removed.

Although not as extreme as having rotten teeth removed, simplifying the process of repairing tooth enamel could have a huge impact on oral hygiene around the world.

According to the reports, the Chinese scientist involved in this research has created a type of gel that recreate the hardest substance in the human body.

A few drops of the liquid solution can fix all invisible cracks and wear on an ageing molar….The material, calcium phosphate ion clusters, can grow a thin layer of protective shield on teeth, the research showed. The transparent, crystal-like mineral has a structure resembling fish scales and a high mechanical strength – almost identical to the enamel on a human tooth.

The gel is currently been tested in rate and mice and the researchers believe that human trials are 2-3 years away. However, the incentive to get this right is huge because according to the World Dental Federation:

Tooth decay affects almost half of the world’s population, costing dental patients in the United States and European Union a combined US$200 billion annually, according to the World Dental Federation.

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