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How Brexit will change the Shape and Direction of the UK Economy

Humanosity says…This excellent piece by Martin Sandbu in the Political Quarterly examines in depth what impact the various Brexit options will have on the shape and direction of the UK economy.

In his piece, he talks about how the project of leaving the EU has always been a deeply held dream of a certain type of Tory, who was inspired by the growing Euro-scepticism of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

For them, Brexit was a deeply held ideological dream and they needed to convince the rest of the nation to share their euro-scepticism.

He writes….

Long before it acquired the name of Brexit, the project of making the UK leave the European Union was a solution in search of a problem. This EU‐bashing was always based on a fantasy, with concerns ranging from bureaucracy and immigration to the plight of fishermen and farmers, as well as the view that trade with faraway economies is better than trade with Europe.

Despite the many fantasies that have been peddled by euro-sceptics over the years, what is undeniable is that the failings of the economic model that the UK had followed, contributed to the Brexit vote. The fantasies peddled by the euro-sceptics had convinced many that their problems were the fault of the EU and not domestic political choices.

But two other facts are not fantasy. The first is that the problems of the UK economic model, and its failings, contributed to the Brexit vote. The second is that while that economic model was the result of home-grown political choices, the effects of these choices were shaped by the external economic conditions created by EU membership.

He identifies that how the UK leaves the EU will shape the country for generations to come

The way in which Britain leaves the EU, too, will shape the workings of the current model and whatever changes future UK governments make it undergo.

To read his full analysis click on the link below.


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