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America: Long Read – Do Black Lives Matter Yet?

black lives matter

Humanosity says…in the last five years police in America have killed around 4,000 people, a quarter of them are black. The mixing of race and guns can only ever be a toxic union. This article takes a comprehensive look at the issue and explores the history of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the five years since Mike Brown Jr was murdered and the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, erupted, police across the United States have killed more than 4 000 people, a quarter of them African American. Five years later, do Black Lives Matter? Confronted by an array of internal and external obstacles, “the movement” has stalled even as a white supremacist rules from the White House.

Mike Brown’s murder and the uprising it inspired ushered in a period of protest that had the bold aim of trying to end the reign of police terror in black poor and working-class communities. What started as a local movement in Ferguson has now grown into a national movement, fuelled by the failures to indict the officers responsible for the killings of Mike Brown and the many others that have followed.

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