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Editorial Team

Stephen Barrett – Editor & Managing Director

Stephen has more than twenty years experience as a journalist and documentary maker. He is a foreign affairs specialist who has a keen interest in publishing those stories that receive little attention but really matter.

Ruhan van Vuuren – Business Manager

Ruhan has vast experience in business development and managing web based business. He has a keen interest in world affairs, with a special interest in compelling human interest stories that bring everyday experiences to light.

Our Writers

We employ a range of freelance writers to produce our content under their own bylines. Our current team is Srivats Lakshman and Niamh Reddin

How We Are Funded

Humanosity is funded through its members by a monthly subscription model and through advertising. The majority of our articles are free to access but as our news organisation grows we will increasingly offer premium content that will only be available to our paid members.

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