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Is it actually healthy to stop eating red meat?

Humanosity says…Eating red meat is bad for the environment and for your health. We have all heard this and when it comes to the environment there’s really no argument. However, what is the truth about red meat and your health?

The truth is that the argument isn’t as black and white as most people believe. There are a huge number of studies that show that overconsumption of red meat is bad for your health.

Yet humans have been eating red meat ever since we learned to hunt back on the African savanna. According to Popular Science Magazine “scientists have identified animal bone fossils from 2.6 million years ago that showed butchery marks made by early humans”. Red meat contains a number of nutrients that are essential to health. As the article states ” A serving of red meat contains a healthy dosing of protein as well as vital nutrients including iron, vitamin B12, and zinc, among others”

However, the key to understand is that these nutrients can be found in other foods and that if you give up red meat then you just have to be aware that you need to replace the key nutrients that are found in red meat.

Click here to read full article at www.popsci.com

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