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Humanosity – an Examined Life is the brainchild of journalist and film maker Stephen Barrett.

During a successful career in broadcasting he saw how important ideas are in shaping the destiny of individuals and societies. This is especially so in such times of profound change as we find ourselves. In this world increasingly dominated by simplified and partisan debate, Humanosity is an exciting new project that will put critical thinking back at the heart of political and cultural debates.


Humanosity is a series of articles, interviews and podcasts that will examine some of the key issues of our time. Interviews with influential thinkers and key players will be combined with the best analysis from around the world. The articles and interviews will cover a wide range of topics and will cover all corners of the globe

Articles and abridged versions of the interviews will be available on this website and full interviews and lots of extra content will be available via subscription when the feature is fully launched.

Each month we will feature a podcast that will focus on an in depth exploration of a topical issue. The podcast will be broken down in to four 20min podcasts uploaded weekly. Abridged versions will be available for free here whilst the full 20min version will be available on our patreon site, details of which you can find on our podcast page.

Humanosity seeks to reach out to like minded souls who appreciate the importance of ideas and quality debate in building a better future. If this sounds appealing then please click on the sponsor link and come join our community. If you would like to contribute articles then please click on the submissions page and follow the instructions.

Future Goals

In the medium term the hope is to bring on board a research team and a range of guest presenters, each an expert in their fields so that we can increase the amount of subjects that Humanosity covers.

The longer term goal for Humanosity is to build a big enough community who believe in and support the project, so that we can offer video content alongside the podcasts. The power of imagery to get across ideas is undeniable, so it would be great to able to offer both.

None of this can be achieved without the support of others and we hope that you love ideas and debate as much as we do and will come and join our community.

Who’s it For?

The curious, the political, the questioners, the mad…


Because ideas matter.